Creative Coffees Fundraising

School Spirit Coffee Fundraising is now Creative Coffees Fundraising.  Same owner, same location and the same quality products.

What is not the same?  The way to fundraise with Creative Coffees!

Smart Tech Fundraising Starts Now!  Every fundraising group will receive a unique URL link for our website that can be personalized with images, sales goals and is accessible to all participants.  There is total transparency with real time sales updates so you can see exactly how your fundraiser is going.

  • No more walking around with a Sales Brochure and collected money. Use your smartphones, iPads, laptops, and desktops to make your group sales less labor intensive and much more successful.
  • No more waiting until the fundraiser is over to find out if your group has met the fundraising goal.  Real time access to your personalized fundraiser.
  • No more summarizing the participant’s sales brochures.  The hassle of getting the brochures turned in on time and the frustration when the money collected does not match the sales – Gone!  Our online fundraising platform does everything for you!
  • Sales Brochures If you want to print your own, we will email you a pdf of our Sales Brochure to supplement the Virtual Fundraiser. Provided upon request.


School Fundraising


Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring provides a transparent and accurate collection of your sales.  When your fundraiser is complete, Creative Coffees will send a check for the profit you have earned.

Profit Margins

45% profit margins for most fundraisers including schools, churches, sports teams, and corporate fundraising events. 

Shipping Charges

  • Online individual orders – free shipping starts at $50.00
  • Bulk orders – shipped exclusively UPS to business and commercial addresses. A 50% discount on orders exceeding 499 items.

Fast Shipping

Fast shipping from Kentucky on all orders

Secure Payment

We offer safe shopping guarantee

100% Satisfaction

14 day money back guarantee

Customer Support

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

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